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Press kit, Agencies and Comission program

Our Press kit includes company information plus logo and branding in different versions, introtexts and descriptions used on our website, the current pricelist, as well as an image-selection in landscape- and portrait-format.
Use it freely on your website or in printed articles.

Press kit 2018

ZIP file (4,8MB)

Independent Contracting

Travel Agencies & Operators

You are a registered travel agency, tour operator or maintaining a booking portal and you are interested in distributing our cruises?

We provide simple agency contracts comparable to our free comission program - with additional benefits.
Please contact our Captain's Office for detailed information.

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Free Comission program

For individual website-owners, travel-bloggers and privatiers, we offer a 2-step comission program based on a Value Coupon system.
A minimum turnover is not required, proper taxation in your respective country is subject to you.

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Production Materials for Screen and Print

SCREEN RESOLUTIONS : PNG files in 72/150/300 DPI Retina
Click an image to open it in screen resolution, or richt-click and choose 'save as...'

Logo Color PNG


Logo Simple PNG

PRINT RESOLUTIONS : PSD files in 300/600 DPI / Adobe Illustrator files
Click an image to download the PSD/AI file (depends on browser), or use the 'Download' button

InDesign print package:
All Photoshop InDesign (CS6) INDD files include the used Fonts, PSD and AI files.
Additionally the original folder-structure has been included in the downloadable ZIP file.

Photoshop layered images:
All Photoshop PSD files are using embedded Adobe Illustrator (AI) files as Smart Objects.
Double-click on the appropriate layer inside Photoshop to open them.

Logo MEDIUM only
1772px * 2531px
PSD ~ 300DPI

ZIP | PSD (4,3MB | 26MB)

Logo BIG only
8268px * 11811px
PSD ~ 600DPI

ZIP | PSD (29MB | 444MB)

Logo UNI only
AI / Illustrator file

Illustrator AI (1,4MB)

Font Package only
Jellyka Delicious Cake,
PT Sans and Serif

ZIP (1,8MB)

Media downloads

Click an image to open the video on Youtube, to download
right-click the download button and choose 'save as...'